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A Walk In Balance LLC

Supporting Humanity In Transition

Services ~ Purchase In Web Store Via Venmo Preferably or Paypal

Intuitive Readings In Person or By Phone

 $125 - 1 hour session

  $70  - 30 minute session - Phone Only Please

Akashic Record Reading in Person or By Phone

$125 - 1 hour session

Spiritual Intuitive Massage

$185 - a one-hour massage that includes an intuitive reading

Reiki/Intuitive Energetic Balancing & Healing

$125 - 60 minute session

Accelerate your natural healing process and balance the natural life-force energy within your body through this holistic hands-on energy system that enhances your well being on all levels: mind, body, and spirit.

Traditional Integrative Massage Includes Hot Stone Therapy

$85 - 60 minute session

$125 - 90 minute session

Raindrop Therapy

$125 - 60 minute session

Essential oils are gently dripped onto your spine and massaged in using various strokes stimulating energy impulses and dispersing the oils along the back. The oils help to bring the body into structural and electrical alignment.

A warm nurturing towel compress over the spinal area and a gentle rocking motion combine to soothe, balance, align and clear the energy centers. Because of the strong antibacterial qualities of these oils, this session is perfect before or after air travel and to boost the immune system. The oils will continue to work in the body even after the treatment.  

Transformational Bodywork - A Three Day Intensive 

$675 for the Three Day Intensive

Experience the unmasking of your soul during three consecutive days that include two-hour sessions that assist you in the interpretation of your body's natural wisdom.

You'll peel away your inner layers to discover what's holding you back from living your life to its full potential. Each day you'll receive a Spiritual Massage that includes:

Essential Oils

Hot Stone Therapy

Past Life Insights

Clairvoyant/Clairaudient Intuitive Readings

Energetic Clearing & Balancing

In addition, you'll receive personalized homework assignments to assist in your preparation for your next session.


Please see Web Store to purchase via Venmo Colleen-Andraste or Paypal Thank you!